Defective stucco issues, Home defects, contractor mistakes, contractor disputes

Mark Clemm and his firm have successfully handled hundreds of defective construction cases including hundreds of cases involving defective stucco. Construction defects can take many forms including failed structural components (roofs and foundations), water encroachment, termites and various other types of defects and defective conditions. In addition, in the last 15 years, it has become apparent that many builders failed to use appropriate construction techniques when utilizing stucco on the exterior of a building. That failure has led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages being suffered by individual homeowners of single family homes, town homes and other types of dwellings. We have succeeded in recovering settlements, awards and verdicts for our clients in over 98% of the cases which we have handled. In some cases the recovery has been seven figures or more. Depending upon the case, the damages can potentially be doubled or trebled and attorneys’ fees can also be recovered.  For these types of cases, you definitely need an attorney with the knowledge, experience and a proven record of success to act on your behalf.