Negligent doctors, negligent hospitals, medical mistakes

For the most part, doctors are skilled practitioners who provide caring and sometimes lifesaving treatment for people who are sick and injured. Unfortunately, on rare occasions, a doctor will commit professional malpractice by failing to read a test correctly, by failing to diagnose a specific injury or disease, by performing a medical procedure improperly or by otherwise failing to properly treat and/or care for a patient. In those circumstances, you are entitled to assert a claim against that doctor, his employer and possibly a hospital. These types of claims are highly specialized and should only be handled by attorneys with the knowledge and experience to handle them correctly. We have access to multiple medical professionals who can analyze your medical records and determine whether you have a valid claim and if so, provide an expert opinion and/or expert testimony to support your claim.  Some lawyers are hesitant to take such a case to trial. We are not. We will settle your case if appropriate but we are fully prepared to handle your case through the conclusion of a trial in order to obtain an appropriate and fair recovery for you.  Just as an example, we handled a case in Lehigh County against Lehigh Valley Hospital which no other lawyer would take because of the widespread influence of Lehigh Valley Hospital in that area.  Although it was a difficult case, we succeeded in recovering a significant verdict for the surviving spouse of a woman who suffered bed sores and who ultimately died following improper treatment at the hospital. If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of a medical provider, we can help you.