Buying property, selling property, leasing property and financing property

Mark Clemm and his firm have successfully handled hundreds of real estate transactions including purchases, sales and financing of those transactions.  The same amount of care and attention to detail is used whether it is the purchase or sale of a single family home, the purchase or sale of a townhouse, the purchase of raw ground for land development, the assemblage of multiple parcels for land development or any other similar large or small transaction.   We have also successfully handled all types of lease transactions for landlords and tenants, including sophisticated commercial leases involving single tenant buildings, multitenant buildings as well as retail, industrial and commercial buildings. We also can create various types of licenses and easements, including utility easements, access easements, use easements and various other types of land use agreements. For what typically is one of the most significant transactions for any client, it is important to utilize a sophisticated real estate attorney rather than a general practitioner.