Commercial Litigation

We represented a group of investors/developers who purchased, developed and leased multiple properties using multiple entities and as a result of the recession, experienced cash flow and other economic issues which resulted in their lenders calling various loans and declaring the various entities to be in default. After extensive, complicated negotiations with multiple lenders, a workout  was reached whereby the clients retained most of the properties, refinanced the debt and were given a second chance at success. Given a second chance, the clients have succeeded in maintaining and expanding their real estate holdings.

Construction Litigation

We represented a group of homeowners in a development of single family homes who discovered that after 10 years, the stucco exterior of their homes had failed resulting in water encroachment into their homes damaging framing members, sheathing and interior finishes. A civil action was filed against the builder individually, his construction companies and his development company. After a three-day trial, the Court awarded the homeowners all of their compensatory damages (the costs associated with completely removing and replacing the defective stucco, damaged framing and damaged interior finishes) as well as their attorney’s fees and costs.

A townhome community began to experience multiple water leaks in homes which were approximately 8 years old. We represented the Homeowners Association in filing a civil action on its own behalf and on behalf of the 98 homeowners against the builder, the development company and others. Just prior to trial, we reached a seven figure settlement which allowed the homeowners to recoup a significant portion of the moneys they had spent to remediate the construction defects.

Medical Malpractice

We represented a gentleman whose wife was taken to a major hospital to be treated for a heart condition. While in the hospital, she developed bedsores and ultimately died. We tried the case in a jurisdiction where the hospital had major influence and after a trial which lasted approximately 2 weeks, the jury entered a verdict in favor of the surviving husband and against the hospital.  We obtained a significant recovery for her husband. While this could never replace his lost wife, it sent a clear message to the hospital that its procedures had to change and that it could not let one of its patients be terribly injured without being held responsible.

Motor Vehicle Accident

We represented a gentleman who is a well-known and well respected physician. While driving home from his office one evening, another driver crossed the centerline and hit his vehicle head-on causing him to suffer catastrophic injuries and almost taking his life. We recovered all of the insurance proceeds available from the other driver and then proceeded to make a claim under our client’s underinsured motorist coverage. His own insurance company refused to pay and the case went to trial. We succeeded in recovering the largest underinsured motorist insurance verdict ever obtained in Pennsylvania for our client.  He has worked hard to recover from his various injuries and he has returned to a vibrant medical practice.

Personal Injury

Our client was a young girl who was a passenger in an automobile which was involved in an intersection collision. The little girl was badly injured as a result of the accident and required multiple surgeries for facial injuries. The case settled just before trial. Our client received a structured settlement which paid her multiple six figures in various increments at various intervals in her life (known as a structured settlement) and she is now married, has a child and his thriving. We also recovered significant emotional distress damages for her mother who witnessed her daughter’s injuries when she took her to the hospital.

Our client was a young girl who was visiting a neighbor and the neighbor’s dog unexpectedly bit her in the face causing significant, traumatic injuries. After several months of negotiation, we recovered a significant sum for the child.

Orphans Court Litigation

Our client was the executor of estate involving an individual who died in a plane crash. As part of the estate administration, we sued the manufacturer of the airplane which he was flying and prior to trial settled for a significant sum which ultimately was paid out to the decedent’s heirs.

Our client was one of two heirs. She was the primary beneficiary in her mother’s will and her brother challenged the will. We consistently won at every turn in this contentious litigation, despite multiple appeals to the appellate courts. Ultimately, the will was upheld and our client recovered a multiple six-figure sum through the administration of the estate and distribution of property to her.

Land Development

We represented a major commercial developer in obtaining land development approvals for a large office park in Pennsylvania. The approvals required several conditional use approvals and variances. There was significant resistance from neighbors and neighborhood groups. Through a combination of diplomatic discussions with the neighbors and cooperative solutions with municipal officials, the project was approved and the office park is now thriving and fully leased.

We represented a significant residential developer in obtaining land development approvals for a townhouse development. The development required multiparty agreements with municipal authorities and resolution of multiple land use issues. The plan was ultimately approved and all issues were resolved.